Sunday, November 01, 2009

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda said “Hey! Let’s resurrect our old blog for National Blog Posting Month!” I thought that I’d like to write more outside of work, so I said “Sure! That sounds like fun! I’ll do Mondays and Thursdays.” Yesterday, I realized that it was November 1 and thought “Crap! What did I just do?” Kidding aside, I’m excited to begin our month (and maybe more).

To follow Amanda’s example, I’ll introduce myself. I’m a biochemist, which has led me and my family across the Canadian prairies, south into the US, back and forth across North America, to finally wind up at a biotech company on the west coast. I’m the mother of a four year old boy, who manages to delight, exasperate, and exhaust me, frequently on a 15 minute cycle. I’m enthusiastic, sarcastic, a fan of science fiction (more books than movies or tv) and of recreational arguing. My parents raised me with feminist principles, which I tended to take for granted before running full tilt into the reality of studying and working in a male-dominated environment. The last couple of years of graduate studies was a true consciousness-raising experience. I’m mostly a self- and internet-taught feminist and my reading has taken an excentric course. My only plan for this blog is to write about topics that have captured my interest, whether directly related to feminism or not. So, please, join us!


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