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I know it's wikipedia, but

First, please pretend this is November 13, ok? Then I won't get in trouble for being behind schedule (as usual.)

I can't remember how, but somehow I stumbled across the men's rights section of Wikipedia. Now, you may be thinking that a smart person would have slowly backed away from the monitor and turned away to do something more productive and cheering such as clean the dog poop out of the backyard. If that's the case, you do not understand the morbid fascination of a train wreck or a really bad Wikipedia post.

If your health care provider has cleared you of heart conditions and blood pressure issues, here's the link:

Honestly, until now I have found very little in there to object to. I found some really minor errors once in a geology article, which were corrected before I could object, and the occasional geographic detail about some part of my hometown area that no one ever went to anyhow. But for the most part, even the controversial topics I read up on--with my pessimist's eye--have been reasonably even-handed.

However, the men's rights article reads as propaganda. Completely and without exception. I was surprised to discover, for instance, that "very little has been done to formalize what men's rights are or to protect these rights. With the increased focus on the rights of women and children, some of the rights of men have been devalued and overturned." Thankfully, a broad coalition of men AND women, from LOTS of countries, practicing LOTS of relgions, with ALL KINDS of political views exists to solve some of today's thorniest human rights issues, such as the damaging repercussions of sexual harassment laws, "Violence Against Women Act-type laws," and of course the epidemic of false rape accusations.

Another cause of concern is feminist control of the media. Apparently, the media is heavily biased against men, reports false statistics on the wage gap, and portrays men in so negative a light that there is a even a word for it: "the term "Lace Curtain" to describe feminist control over publishing and media representation of gender issues."

No diatribe against the awesome power of women would be complete without opinions on the lack of men's "choices" in fatherhood, the unfairness of divorce, alimony, and child support, and the unfairness of domestic violence laws. For instance, this shocking revelation: "Many women's shelters will assist male victims of domestic abuse but do not house men, instead offering hotel vouchers, counseling, case management, legal services and other support services." Were you aware that some shelters that exist to protect abused women would keep males from sharing living quarters with them?

I an perfectly happy to concede that there are many topics, including the above, on which a healthy debate could be had regarding the relative advantages given by society and law to men and women. However, there is no debate in the Wikipedia article, and I would argue that it is not even the place for debate. It is the place for information as close to neutral as possible. In fact, however, there is not even a feint at neutrality. The article reads as pure propaganda. Citations are virtually absent, and sources are almost exclusively agenda groups.

The only faint glimmer of hope I can derive is that clearly, no one else cares enough to bother writing about the so-called movement for men's rights. Perhaps this means no one cares enough to bother reading about it, either. One can only hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to make a counter-argument, then make one.

your dismissal is no less insulting than a charge that all feminists are whiny little girls.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much of the public mind within the USA appears to be a fad-following "hive mind" fetish-like affair.

Observe the not-so-long-ago constant yammering and yapping by the general public, politicians and various others about the glorious wondrous we-simply-must-have hydrogen fuel cell technology for cars and trucks.

After a relatively brief spasm of the masses having that technology at their mind's forefront.... poof... fad over.

It's akin to the clamoring craze about the must-have Christmas toy of the year.

Recall the Cabbage Patch kids, Squeeze-me Elmo and the Furby?

Some folks paid a lot of money to get their paws on those products.

I giggle gleefully when later I see those same lusted-for items sitting mostly ignored in thrift stores, some with the original packaging and in fine condition.

The current obsession with female and children rights, too often at the expense of males and any sense of fairness and, perhaps at times, legal equity, may pass.

However, since the bloated bureaucratic government has entered the fray, the anti-male fad may linger longer than it will in the individual's mind.


Because bureaucrats gain power and security for their relatively well-paid ample benefits secure job and the ability to wield power.

In the private sector funding can be obtained providing power and wealth to those involved in the anti-male organization.

Observe the (reverend?) Jesse Jackson and that Al Sharpton creatures. It appears to me they have and are well economically via the organizations and actions they have been and are involved with.

Yet, as with Sharpton, look at the events he was so active in yet turned out to not have been based upon reality.

The EVIL Duke University lacrosse team members... GET THEM!!!!!!

Uhhhhh... was the female lying about them ever legally punished?

How about the males falsely accused of rape by the teen girl?

Jackson has been accused by some, so I have read, of using agendas to shake down firms for money.... is that similar to a female divorcing a male and using various false allegations to obtain wealth and power via the courts from her future ex-husband?

The female, with a vast number of organizations and governmental bureaucracies backing her, paid for by females AND males and of which there are extremely few to assist the male, currently wields immense power while the typical non-extrememly wealthy male is mostly on his own when attacked by a female.

Divorce, false accusations, extortion (too common among wealthy entertainment and sports figures)and other methods are routes for females to destroy male lives... economically, socially and other manners.

Men's rights? I have a few but then again, too few to mention (apologies to Frank Sinatra and his "My Way" song).

With so many parasites benefiting from the female empowerment fad rather than withering away as most fads do I fear males will have to hunker down and take defensive steps to protect themselves from the vast armada of foes bearing down upon them.

One reflex-action against the tidal wave of anti-maleness is the Females as Property Movement... a desperate measure knee-jerk in nature but based upon realistic fear.

A growing number of males are expressing publicly and privately the need to simply shun female-male interactions; avoiding marriage, dating and even common day-to-day civil and at-work interactions so as to deny a female any excuse to declare a false accusation about some mis-perceived slight.

Even with extreme precautionary measures taken today's male is STILL in sever danger from today's females... and the horde of weapons aimed directly at males... the females can freely use.


8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"a charge that all feminists are whiny little girls."

Well, in my bulbous oblate-spheroid-shaped semi-flexible yet always delectable opinion perhaps not ALL feminists (male and female) are "whiny and little" but a sizable percentage appear to be chock-full of implanted knee-jerk rhetoric, incapable of much independent thought or action and do tend to be rather rotund with lard firmly grasping their cellular structures likely due to a lack of physical labor as performed by performing paying jobs that actually result in something productive being accomplished.

Maybe if the feminist mob had to perform some blue-collar exertions for 8 to 19 hours daily to actually earn their keep their,to me, irritating whining would be reduced and the sense of satisfaction obtained from actually being productive, for a change, would take their puny minds away from the latest trend of male bashing and demanding a multitude of 'rights' and privileges for females while continuing to so conveniently avoid any mention of the responsibilities the little girls need to meet to earn those 'rights' and privileges.

May I also suggest a little less Oprah and Dr. Phil staring and more non-fiction reading so as to expand your mind away from the ocean of indoctrination and brainwashing that has smothered too many of the USA's human herd.


9:06 AM  
Anonymous mojo daddy said...

I would really appreciate an opportunity to share my personal story with whomever wrote this post. I guarantee you'll at least find it interesting if not challenging. If you know of a way I can provide you with my email directly, please let me know.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Carolyn said...

"Were you aware that some shelters that exist to protect abused women would keep males from sharing living quarters with them?"

You say this as though all men are abusers. The problem is not that women's shelters don't accept men, but instead that there are no corresponding men's shelters. If you're a male victim of domestic abuse, or a single father who's fallen on hard times (, you're going to have a rough time finding support. The wikipedia article is trying to point out that there is a disproportionate amount of help available for women, and that men who need it just as much cannot access it.

"...the lack of men's "choices" in fatherhood..."

It's interesting that you put choices in quotation marks, showing that you either think men should not have choices in fatherhood, or that they already do. I disagree with both viewpoints. Women have a right now that men do not: the ability to terminate parenthood, either through abortion or adoption. What do you say to the man whose partner told him she was on birth control, but still conceived? There should be laws to allow fathers to contest child support rulings on the basis of deception on the part of the mother.

10:39 AM  
Blogger antijen said...

Doesn't take much to stir up the trolls, does it? Good post, Sass. There's a good article on MRAs here,0

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spokane's shelters just turn you away, even if you are an abused male. They don't help, no vouchers, just "Leave, Go Away!"

1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You woman, learn at least some HTML.

1:58 AM  
Anonymous mojo daddy said...

Antijen: How dare you dismiss me as a troll. I came here to offer my personal story to the author in an effort to edify them. I'd be happy to do the same for you... but then, you're the living embodiment of the fact that feminism is not an ideology but rather empty, repugnant, destructive dogma.

6:34 PM  
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