Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Saddam Ruins EVERYTHING!"

When News Trumps Celebrity Gossip

Perez Hilton -- as the celebrity gossip most feared by Hollywood likes to call himself -- has posted the following at

He's dead....and he killed our piece on 20/20 last night!!
Our segment had just begun. We were literally speaking our first sentence:
"Lindsay Lohan is....."
And, then, BAM! Interrupt the broadcast at 10:25 PM to announce his hanging.
They couldn't wait 30 minutes for the 11 o'clock news????
Thankfully all the folks on the West Coast got to see it!
Why does Saddam have to ruin everything???

Tongue-in-cheek whining by a flamboyant fame-seeking celebrity gossipmonger? In this day and age one never knows for sure. But note: Many visitors to his site responded that Perez talking about Lindsay Lohan was the only reason they had tuned into 20/20 last night. That is, his rant wasn't satire.

As for me? Tabloid junkie that I am, even I was reloading the Drudge Report repeatedly at that time last night. The Walter Cronkite of Our Era was hard at work breaking news first, highlighting all of the details in red as fast as he came to know them, featuring not one but two sirens blaring the news of Hussein's execution.

I just wanted to give everyone interested in analyzing the politics of U.S. society and culture from a more accurate feminist perspective a real-time snippet exposing truths about where our society and culture really are as we close out 2006.


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