Thursday, March 16, 2006

A little good news from New Hampshire

The New Hampshire state Senate has rejected a proposal that attempted to implement two restrictions on access to emergency contraception: a parental notification requirement for minors requesting EC, and a provision permitting individual pharmacists to refuse to fill EC prescriptions.

When I read about this in the Boston Globe, I was amazed to see that some of the Democrats actually made statements that sounded...feminist.
"Every young woman in the state should have a right to make a decision that's not abortion or childbirth," Cornish Sen. Peter Burling, a Democrat, said.

"Incest, rape. These are things that happen and young women need a way to deal with that. It's not going to promote promiscuity," Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, D-Manchester, said of the medicine known as the "morning-after pill."


Under existing law, pharmacies elect to participate and get special training before they can offer the medication over the counter. But some lawmakers wanted individual pharmacists to be free to decide whether to fill a doctor's prescription.

That angered Durham Sen. Iris Estabrook, a Democrat, who noted pharmacists cannot opt out when it comes to filling prescriptions for any other kind of medicine.

"Really, stop and think about how you are discriminating against women with this bill," she said.

As a nearly-lifelong New Englander, I have to say that this was a surprising read. Not only did Senators Burling, D'Allesandro, and Estabrook oppose this bill, they defended their opposition using solid pro-woman arguments. And these weren't the statements of sore losers, either - they prevailed.

These Senators and their colleagues won one more battle, preventing the Forced Pregnancy Agenda from running roughshod over their state. Well done, New Hampshire!

And if you happen to see any of your federal Democratic counterparts, maybe you can give them a few pointers on how to have, like, a position on something without equivocation.


Blogger skylanda said...

Well done, New Hampshire!

And if any of those dems want to run for federal office, I'll be the first to write them a check.

1:03 AM  

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