Sunday, February 05, 2006

Update: Reaction to Mass EC case

(Referencing this story, which I blogged about a couple of days ago).

Rush Limbaugh disapproves of women asserting themselves, is the reaction. And he hates it in a way that makes me want to punch him hard in the mouth. I don't read enough of his work to become very inured to it--every time I do I'm shocked and actually distressed, not because of him personally--I couldn't give a damn--but because people actually listen to and admire the man. Some people, at least. Enough to keep him in a job. For the moment.

My favorite quote:

"For crying out loud, let's make them prove that they've first had sex with a man, and then we'll talk about stocking the morning-after pill at Wal-Mart."

Because they're lesbians! Get it? LESBIANS, like all feminist agitators!

But wait:

You know, the most dangerous place you can be is between a liberal woman and her morning-after pill.

Do not try to stand between lesbians and morning-after pills.

On the one hand, I'm amused, since Rush is so clearly between a rock and a hard place--feminists are all lesbians! I mean, feminists are sluts who have constant unprotected sex with men! I mean, um.... At a certain point it's funny to watch him throw out one random stereotype after another in hopes that one will stick to this particular situation.

And at another point, the lesbian baiting actually upsets me. Not because lesbians have plenty of reason to care about other women's rights, though they do, a point that Rush totally misses. It upsets me because he obscures the reason why women who don't ordinarily sleep with men and thus do not ordinarily use contraception might need the morning-after pill, in particular. One reason why a lot of women need a pill that they can take after they have sex, instead of before. It obscures the fact that sometimes sex for women isn't voluntary, is coerced, is actually rape, is not controlled by our orientations or preferences.

Rush's comments via Portia.


Blogger Sass said...

Don't be silly, Portia -- according to the article, Rush says a woman "gets herself pregnant." So see, it's really all her fault...

1:24 PM  

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