Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Final Update on MA EC case

I've now blogged about this here twice, so for those following along, here is the end of the story, at least as far as Massachusetts is concerned. (A story from yesterday, including some additional information, is here. In short, as a result of a complaint filed by the women's lawyer simultaneously with their lawsuit, the Massachusetts pharmacy board has ordered Wal-Mart to carry the morning-after pill. Wal-Mart has said that it will comply, and is re-thinking it's policy due to its deeply felt concern for women's health. No word yet on how women's health stacks up against the "business reasons" that initially caused its refusal to carry emergency contraception.

From the point of view of the plaintiffs--both the three women named in the suit and the organizations that supported them--this was a perfect lawsuit. It was quick--3 weeks! It was successful, even though their suit hasn't gone to judgment (and is likely now moot)--now all of the major pharmacies in Massachusetts carry emergency contraception. That's a result that the plaintiffs and their supporters, who included both pro-choice organizations and organizations opposing sexual violence, can be proud of. And finally, their lawyer is looking to file similar lawsuits in other states. This wasn't the slam-dunk constitutional ruling that all lawyers dream of, but it worked. And since we won't be getting the slam-dunk constitutional rulings anymore, it's time that we found something that does.


Anonymous Sofiya said...

This is terrific news and very heartening. The problems my American sisters have with accessing EC make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be from a country where it's readily available over the counter at almost all pharmacies. Good for these lawyers for asserting women's rights in MA.

9:13 PM  
Blogger hybrid said...

If folks are interested, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts is heading up a campaign to lobby Wal-Mart to carry EC everywhere, not just in the two states that require it to do so by law. (The other one, if I remember correctly, is Illinois.)

2:10 PM  

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