Friday, February 03, 2006

Déjà vu

This week, I reflected to a friend that it astounds me, how conservatives seem to be so afraid of sex. Before I could take my thoughts much farther than that, I found Every Sperm is Sacred by Joyce Marcel over at Common Dreams. After puzzling over the seemingly inconsistent positions that conservatives take on abortion and war, abortion and the death penalty, and abortion and contraception, she comes to this conclusion:
So what's going on here? For one thing, to me it looks like many of these Christian right-wing anti-abortion people are, basically, anti-sex. And not anti-sex for men, either. A contraceptive pill for men was created back in the Sixties, so you figure out why it's not on the market today.

We're back to the domination of women, aren't we? About getting us back into the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, so men are not challenged by our talent, our wit, our abilities and our gumption.

Like Marcel, I have been getting a strong feeling of deja vu this week. The positions that conservatives take on these issues only seem inconsistent if you refuse to accept that childbearing is a woman's sole function. Biology is destiny. Somehow, we've been here before.

At the same time, I feel incredulous, as well as disappointed. I admit it, I'm in the third wave age bracket. I hope that I never took my right to choose for granted, but I certainly didn't expect that as an adult, I would be continuing this fight on this particular terrain. It is one thing to argue that medical procedures should be a person and her doctor. It's another thing entirely to have to argue again, still, that she is a person in the first place. Shades of Gilead, indeed.

(I'm hybrid, by the way, a proud product of my many contradictory realities. Born in the Midwest but raised in Vermont, I'm a progressive Jewish feminist who makes her living as an IT professional in the defense industry. I live and work near Boston, Massachusetts. During my free time, you will most often find me engaged in heated debates with friends, eating, playing video games, or some combination thereof. I collect pajamas, teas, and outdated computers.)


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