Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm Matilda, known to some as sam.

Right now I'm a teacher, a writer, and an historian (in that order). I was born and bred in Brooklyn, but the home I currently claim is America's megalopolis. I've managed to find a partner that shares my uncanny devotion to post-industrial cities, friends that keep me inspired by working 9-5 so that they can live 5-9, and a family that has taught me by example.

I've also been known to enjoy eating four veggie dogs in one day, riding on shopping carts in parking lots, and taking too many free samples at the supermarket. My pet peeves include uncomfortable shoes, Rick Santorum, and songs that just fade out on albums (What do these bands do in concert? Does the song just get quieter and quieter?).

And, I firmly believe that everything deserves a feminist eye. Which is a good thing, because I only have one eye to spare. The other is hidden behind my pirate patch…


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