Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Entrophy Wife- known to some as Bikinikiller. I have lots of different interests, and they change daily, so this is most likely a pointless list. My current favorite topics, however, are:

1. Women in the sciences/engineering fields: why there aren't more of us and the well-meaning and sometimes wacky ways that people try to fix this.

2. Feminism and fashion: they don't always mix, but I have fun trying.

3. Sexist advertising that should be considered kitschy already, but miraculously still exists.

That's about it for right now. I'm thrilled to be a part of the feminist conspiracy!


Blogger Verlch said...

I don't have a problem, with women aspiring to be alone and barren in old age. With only thier cats to look after, because they chased a career and not a tradtional family.

What I do have a problem with, is these same feminists projecting their vile hatred on marriage and tradtional values, to women that want to be home makers, leave it to Beaver style. The Stepford wife every man dreams of.

One that admires his strength and werewithall, that will not burden him with petty grievences.

Make him unhappy as she fills her persciptions of anti depressants.

It's really sad.

11:52 PM  

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