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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hi, I'm Rahel, born in Israel and currently residing in the Netherlands. I'm interested in feminism (duh), human evolution, cultures and how they change (or sometimes, why they don't), politics, languages and how they reflect thought proccesses, and people in general. Hopefully I'll manage to address here how some of these subjects interact with feminism, especially perceptions of human evolution and what's "natural" human behavior.

And pirates, of course. We all love pirates.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm Matilda, known to some as sam.

Right now I'm a teacher, a writer, and an historian (in that order). I was born and bred in Brooklyn, but the home I currently claim is America's megalopolis. I've managed to find a partner that shares my uncanny devotion to post-industrial cities, friends that keep me inspired by working 9-5 so that they can live 5-9, and a family that has taught me by example.

I've also been known to enjoy eating four veggie dogs in one day, riding on shopping carts in parking lots, and taking too many free samples at the supermarket. My pet peeves include uncomfortable shoes, Rick Santorum, and songs that just fade out on albums (What do these bands do in concert? Does the song just get quieter and quieter?).

And, I firmly believe that everything deserves a feminist eye. Which is a good thing, because I only have one eye to spare. The other is hidden behind my pirate patch…

Hi all, I'm Mayada, a midwestern woman who is fighting the good fight here in the breadbasket of America. I teach high school and college, and really should be taking some classes myself, but at the end of a long day, the last thing I want to do is crack a book and study.

I believe the most important thing I do on a daily basis is model to my students what a strong woman looks like. Earlier in my career I had a hard time naviagting the waters inbetween "aggressive" and "assertive". Frankly, aggressive women are just fine with me, but society seems to think we should be meek and demure, and those two words do not describe me at all, so I've learned how to be assertive to promote my beliefs and further the cause. It angers me that I've had to mask my personality and tone down a valued male trait in order to be taken seriously, but we all make our deals with the patriarchy in order to survive in this world.

I am an activist so you'll find me at local rallies and protests, writing and calling my senators and organizing email campaigns. My causes are human rights, equal rights, responsible consumption and energy conservation, housing, and education.

I might not look like it, but take off my "teacher" clothes and you may find me siding a house or running new electrical wire in my own 1920's fixer-uper. I've volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for over 10 years, serving on the board of directors, selecting families for homes, creating all of the promotional materials and managing the public relations campaigns, soliciting funds, and actually swinging a hammer with the construction committee.

I finally have enough cash in the bank to consider LASIK, so why am I balking?

In a nutshell: I'm afraid if I ditch my glasses, I'll be seen as less competent at work.

After 20 years wearing glasses, you'd think that I'd jump at the chance to get rid of them. I'm sick of needing them to drive, to read the computer monitor, to see the television clearly. Granted, my eyes aren't so bad that I can't see the alarm clock or walk across the room without them, but they're still a teensy ball-and-chain that I've had since 7th grade.

I recently moved and went from working in a very woman-centered environment in which looks didn't play a part in how intelligent people perceived you to be (race was another matter, unfortunately), to a privately owned company which is sneakily sexist and blatantly nepotistic. Because I otherwise fit in to the typical American beauty standard (thin, blonde, busty), I tend to use my glasses as a way to give off an air of seriousness, to give credence to the qualifications that got me this job in the first place. Other parts of my "disguise" are wearing my hair pulled back and dressing more conservatively than my co-workers.

Part of me wants to say "fuck'em" and get the surgery and show them that a woman can be attractive AND intelligent, but there's still that little voice in the back of my head telling me that sometimes in order to get ahead you have to play by shitty rules. In the end, I'll probably wait a few months, go with the surgery, and then find another job if I feel that I'm getting treated differently. Sucks that I even have to consider the workplace's reaction before I do something that would ultimately make my life easier in every other aspect.

frog, here. I'd claimed that I wasn't going to join until I was sent a pocket parrot, but my co-conspirators snapped my eyepatch and called my bluff and here I am.

I'm a lesbian and a feminist and a Christian, and I spend a bunch of time thinking about and explaining how in the hell those three things can fit together. I grew up in an abusive home, and I talk a lot about how that's impacted my stance on how society treats children.

I'm against the death penalty. I support a woman's right to reproductive choices. I'm against doing major things to kids without their consent (like baptizing or circumcizing them). I support adoption. I'm against narrowly defining things like religion or family. I support intelligent discussion and debate. I'm against cilantro. I support animal foster care. I'm against petroleum-based fabrics. I support sugar scrubs as a form of relaxation and self-pampering. I'm against Republicans. I support sitcoms. I'm against shows about fishing.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hi, I’m Anaïs. I first became interested in feminism when my precocious sixteen-year-old self picked up books by Simone de Beauvoir and Anaïs Nin one lazy summer, and devoured them in the melodramatic, feverish way that sixteen-year-old wannabe intellectuals do. Not so sure if my now older and wiser self (hardeeharhar) would call Nin such a feminist these days, but alas hers was the name I chose when I first become involved in the Feminist Community of Magic, Wonder and Piratehood.

I’m a London-born nomad who has spent most of my life living in different Asian cities. My interests vary by the second, but some ideas I have stewing for blog entries are women in Asian culture; culturally-determined notions of femininity; women in academia and in the workplace more generally; imagining what equal partnerships in relationships, marriage, and parenthood would look like for women; women in literature and film; and converting all of you to the worship of my literary goddesses, Alice Munro and Louise Gluck. I love dry theories and dry humour.

Charmed to meet you, Internets. It’s good to be here.

My name is Ruby Bella. I like kittens and long walks on the beach.

My name is Ruby Bella. My obessions include: celebrity, literature, indie anything, academia, and of course, feminism. I'm a graduate student in the humanities, looking forward to the luxurious lifestyle of the professoriate. In the mean time, I balance cultural consumption and the intellectual challenges of paper grading with time spent being fabulous.


I'm Grace (Avengingophelia in some circles). Like others, my feminist interests are a moving target, so I can't warn you as to what I might post about. I'm also don't have anything piratish to say, so here's a picture of uber-cool pirate Grace O'Malley meeting Elizabeth I.

I'm Not Your Girl Friday, both literally and figuratively, meaning, I'm my own person, not here at your disposal as your servant -- "your" meaning the male world at large. Having worked clerical jobs, I have nothing against those in the such fields, so please don't think I do.

Just a few of my interests include art, design, how being fat in this society affects women, issues of social justice -- particularly as they affect women, and of course, feminism.

You want that done? Do it yourself, dude!

I'm Zenobia, a business journalist and recovering environmental scientist.

I am particularly interested in women's economic status, including women's work issues and their understanding of how managing their money well can empower them in other aspects of their lives.

I withdraw my shareholder votes on every stock and mutal fund I own that doesn't put an equal number of women on their board of directors. I wish everyone woman investor in the world would do the same, especially if they are named Oprah Winfrey. Those boards have more power than Congress.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Arrr! I'm Sofiya. I'm a struggling academic, vegetarian, music geek, feminist, pseudo-intellectual, lefty greeny type, and aspiring Woman of Letters. I like Jane Austen, nectarines, Monteverdi, baking bread, and handbags. I dislike vacuuming, cheap shoes and the patriarchy. Patriarchy, as far as I'm concerned, can walk the plank.

arr, matey

I'm Nyarly (or just plain N.), because Nyarlathotep is too hard to spell and I have a penchant for picking long, stupid internet handles I later regret. Ask anyone.

I am omnivorous and attracted to shiny objects, so I won't attempt to define which feminist topics I might someday try to tackle here. However, I have a recurring obsession with feminism and popular culture, feminism and the concept of home and families, and feminism in academia. So you'll probably hear something about that.

I'm Entrophy Wife- known to some as Bikinikiller. I have lots of different interests, and they change daily, so this is most likely a pointless list. My current favorite topics, however, are:

1. Women in the sciences/engineering fields: why there aren't more of us and the well-meaning and sometimes wacky ways that people try to fix this.

2. Feminism and fashion: they don't always mix, but I have fun trying.

3. Sexist advertising that should be considered kitschy already, but miraculously still exists.

That's about it for right now. I'm thrilled to be a part of the feminist conspiracy!

Gyratory Circus reporting for duty! If your first thought at seeing the phrase "gyratory circus" was something along the lines of a pole dancer crossed with 57 clowns in a Mini Cooper you'd be dead wrong. Google is your friend.

Hi, folks!

I'm Sass. If things fall out as they usually do, I will sporadically get a bee in my bonnet and post something rambly about my three favorite Official Feminist Concerns (TM):

Emergency Services: I'm a volunteer firefighter/ EMT / hazmat technician, which means I work absolutely for free in one of the last bastions of exceedingly weird traditions.

Science and Education: I pay the bills by working as a math teacher in what you would probably think of as a large suburban school (although it's not a suburb, technically)

Three: Huh, I'm pretty sure there were three when I started listing them. Maybe science was going to stand alone.


Welcome to Avast! Feminist Conspiracy!

We are a large and largely anarchistic group blog devoted to feminist issues. We count among our members several teachers, several healthcare professionals, several students, several professional writers, an aerospace engineer and at least one Girl Friday. More detailed introductions to follow...